Moose Sweater for Children

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Hand Knitted Wool Blend Sweaters

Made From 100% Recycled Fibers

50% Wool, 50% Cotton

Available in the following sizes:

Sm = 2-3 years  Md = 4-5 years

Lg = 6-7 years   XL = 8-9 years

Machine Washable 

Hand Made


This Moose Sweater is one of the kids clothes hand knitted wool blend sweater with awesome 3-Dimensional design that Earth Ragz provide. It has a full zipper with hood sweater.



Moose Ridge Throw from Sherpa Collection. It's a sherpa throw and a perfect couch throw.
Earth Ragz
Manufactured by: Ramatex
Model: Sweater for Children
Product ID: WS008 Moose
$34,99 New
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