Grateful Dead Baja Hoodie with Steal Your Face

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  • Item #: GDBJSYF
  • Manufacturer: Ramatex
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Official Licensed Product

Made from 100% Recycled Fibers

50% Polyester, 40% Acrylic and 10% Cotton.

Machine Washable 


Earth Ragz is proud to introduce our new Grateful Dead Striped Baja Hoodie with the Steal Your Face design.

Brushed inside for extra softness our Baja Hoodie feature a front pocket to holds your stuff our keeps hands warm, V-neck and over head hood, breathable recycled fibers for warmth and comfort.


The Earth Ragz vintage hoodies are Authentic Mexican Hoodies direct from our own factory in Tlaxcala, Mexico. A comfortable hoodie for men and women, Enjoy this wonderful baja SweatersEach Baja Jacket is made of 100% Recycled Fibers, that makes our mexican sweaters warm, comfortable and environmentally friendly.




Earth Ragz is proud to introduce our new Grateful Dead Striped Baja Hoodie with Steal Your Face design.
Earth Ragz
Manufactured by: Ramatex
Model: Earth Ragz Grateful dead Baja Hoodie
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