Cabin Fever Yuma Bed in a Bag

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  • Manufacturer: Ramatex
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Available sizes:

King  (Approx. 99" x 90")
Queen  (Approx. 80" x 90")
Twin (Approx. 60" x 80")

Made with 100% Recycled Fibers

90% Acrylic and 10% Polyester

Machine Washable


Our Cabin Fever twin size low pile Yuma blankets and shams. It's a Southwestern design. Gives a feel like that of wool without the wool cost!! You'll definitely want this beautiful Yuma bedding set! This Earth Ragz Bed in a bag set comes with matching shams.


DISCLAIMER: Our bed in a bag products come with 2 shams (27" x 21"). Additional decorative pillows sold seperately.You can order shams and pillows separately by selecting them on the size tab





A beautiful rustic Yuma Bear design. Add the log cabin feel to your home with this warm and cozy must have!!
Cabin Fever
Manufactured by: Ramatex
Model: Bed in a Bag
Product ID: CB2114W
$99.97 New
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